Welcome to our website, a dedicated platform that specializes in Scent Detection Training.   We are thrilled to have you here and share our passion for helping dogs and their handlers unlock their full potential in Scent Detection Work.  Our mission is to offer a variety of programs that cater to different types of ScentWork, including Medical Detection, Scent Discrimination, SAR Training, Cadaver, Conservation Detection, NoseWork, Diabetic Alert Dogs and Customized Programs . We understand that each dog has unique needs, and we strive to provide Customized Training Programs that cater to the individual requirements of each dog and handler.


We offer a variety of Training Programs including Workshops, Private Training Sessions,  Online Courses and Coaching Programs  ensuring that every dog and handler has access to the right type of training, regardless of their location or schedule. Our Training Programs provide fun and engaging activities for dogs in a professional way, while also improving their physical fitness and mental stimulation.  

It's also a fantastic way for dogs and their handlers to bond and build trust. We are Passionate about what we do and we want to Share our Knowledge and Experience with as many people as possible. 


We provide comprehensive overviews of different types of  Scent Detection Work, as well as tips and tricks to be successful in this field.  Whether you are a dog owner, dog handler or competitor who wants to train your own dog for scent detection work or you're interested in partnering with a scent detection organization, our programs have everything you need to become successful.  We are exited to share our passion for Scent Detection Work with you, and we look forward helping you and your furry friend achieve your Scent Detection Goals!