Customized Programs

For Groups and/ or Individuals

Our Academy and Lodge is built on 100 acres of private fields and woods what makes it a wonderful place to stay and the perfect place to train/work with your dog(s) and share experiences and knowledge with colleagues, trainers and/or friends.

We have a fenced training field for your dog's comfort and safety when you want or need a controlled environment to train or work outdoors.  The indoor training room is a solution if unfavorable weather circumstances should appear on the radar or can be used as a crate room for your dog's comfort so they can stay cool or warm as needed and they don't need to stay in your vehicle when having a break in between

training sessions.

Monique will create a customized program comprised of any topic or activity that suits your or your group's needs, she is a specialist in the working-and sport dog field so she can help you and your dog(s) where needed.  She is also very successful in creating tailored programs for dogs with aggression, reactivity and dogs with lac of impulse control.

Engaging Monique to become your coach or your group's coach is a good option to help you and your dog(s) making improvements and having the opportunity to work on training problems/issues in specific exercises where needed.

We can offer you a 1 day program, 2 days program (lodging available) or multiple days program (lodging available) what suits you or your group the best.


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Training Possibilities

  • Private sessions
  • Customized Programs for Individuals and/or Groups
  • Coaching Days
  • Seminars and Workshops


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