About Monique And Her Training Philosophy

Meet Monique

Let's get introduced to Monique De Roeck, an accomplished and passionate dog trainer with over 30 years of experience in the field.  Originally from Belgium , Monique has made a name for herself across Europe as a highly sought-after expert in dog training .  Now she is bringing her wealth of knowledge and experience to the United States.


Monique has a wide range of experience in dogtraining having trained professional working dogs in the field of Scent Detection such as Narcotics,- Explosives-, Electronics-, Cadaver-, Conservation Detection.  Her impressive resume includes training dogs for the government of Catalunya, Spain, to assist with relocating wolves and bears away from populated areas into more remote locations.  She is also known as one of Europe's top experts in Coaching Handlers and their Dogs to become Successful when Competing.


At Monique's Training Academy, located in St Johnsville, NY, she offers a variety of programs that cater to the individual needs of the dog and their handler.  From Private Consultations and Behavior Modification to Residential Training Programs for Instructors, Professional Handlers, and Sport Enthusiasts.

Monique provides Personalized Training that helps dogs reach their Full Potential.  She also offers online Programs and Virtual Coaching for Groups and Individuals, making her expertise accessible to dog handlers and sport enthusiasts everywhere.  

Monique welcomes all dogs and their handlers with open arms, providing a warm and inviting environment that fosters trust and growth.  Her passion for dogs is evident in every aspect of her work, and her love for them is contagious.  


Her Extensive Experience and Expertise in Dog Training are Invaluable, and her Dedication to Helping Dogs and their Handlers Reach their Full Potential is Unmatched.

Monique's Philosophy of TRaining

At Monique's Training Academy, we believe that solid training philosophy is the KEY to SUCCESS.  That is why Monique's Approach is built on a foundation of Patience, Trust, Support, Respect, Two Way Communication, Cooperation, TeamWork and of course Success.


We know that every dog and handler has their own unique needs which is why  Monique takes the time to work patiently with each of them.  We believe in building TRUST and a strong BOND between dog and handler, so that the training process can be as enjoyable and stress free as possible.


Monique is here to SUPPORT both you and your furry friend every step  of the way.  We know that training can be challenging, but with Monique's Guidance and Expertise, you can Achieve Great Results.


RESPECT is also a core value in Monique's philosophy.  She treats every dog  and handler with the utmost Respect and Care and she expects the same in return.  This creates a Safe and Positive environment that encourages Growth and Progress.


TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION is Essential in any Successful Training Program.  That's why Monique takes the time to listen to both the dog and the handler, so she can understand their needs and tailor her approach accordingly. Ultimately Monique's goal is to help you and your dog achieve success and she is here to support you every step of the way.


So if you are ready to embark your journey built on Patience, Trust, Support, Respect, Two-Way Communication, Cooperation, TeamWork and Success, then Monique is the perfect fit for you !