Conservation Detection Dog Training

Conservation Detection Dog Training requires a very specific approach depending on the species you want them to find.  I have more than 15 years of experience preparing conservation detection dogs to locate different species.

I'll create for you  :

Success Path Blueprint to get a clear picture how to structure your training.

After Care Coaching Programs and follow up through virtual live feedback calls & video review.

Hands on Training Workshops tailored to your needs for small groups and individuals.

For more than 8 years I was working with the Chief of the Bears and Wolves Research Project in Spain in association with Barcelona's Central University.

I created a tailored training program, trained conservation detection dogs to locate wolves and bears so they could be protected next to several follow up coaching sessions for the teams.

What people I worked with say about my work :

"Monique's level in dog training is the highest we have ever seen and her special capacity to understand dogs & how she communicates with dogs is extraordinary compared to other trainers we worked with."


Agents Rurals ~ Generalitat de Catalunya

"Monique is an exceptional teacher who is explaining very complicated and difficult topics in a simple way, she is a real data base of knowledge."

Department of Agriculture ~ Gabriel Lampreave


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