Free Webinar "Make your Dog's Motivation the Key to  Training Success"

I remember when I first began training my Dutch Shepherd Mister Faust.


It is hard to look back to it now, looking at how I trained him before I knew whole lot about dog behavior


I was training the best way I knew how, with the limited knowledge and experience I had acquired at the time through the programs I had attended.


We had done alright with the basics, but, there was still times when it seems like we weren’t on the same page.  His arousal level could go from 0 to 100 in no time and I felt like I was not able to “reach him” anymore in those moments.


“I remember thinking by myself, he is not even interested in training with me.  It’s like I’m competing with the outside world for his attention.”  I thought I knew and understood what my dog’s motivation was so why was he not cooperative ?


And it certainly wasn’t fun.


It was frustrating for both of us….


and dare I say… boring at times …


The more I thought about it the more I realized the key to training wasn’t about me ‘motivating my dog’, but, rather working with my dog’s own motivation in that moment’


Things weren’t going to work, we couldn’t move forward if I couldn’t figure out to use what he found motivating.


This one change in my thinking has made the biggest difference as I moved forward not only with the training of Mister Faust, but with all the dogs & people I trained in my career as a dog trainer, teacher and coach.


I want to share this shift in thinking about motivation with you


It’s like getting inside your dog’s head…


Here’s the difference in a nut shell :


                  You motivating your dog vs Using your dog’s motivation


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