Our Services


  • Development / Creation of tailored K9 programs, small thru large scale.
  • Enhanced and remediation of existing K9 programs.

Advanced Training

  • Directed off leash - long distance stand off search and detect.
  • Multiple detection programs.
  • Scent and Sar program
  • Conservation Detection
  • Realistic scenario based training.

Our Detection Dogs


Our Detection Dogs are selected for balanced temperament, sociability, obedience, drive and impulse control.  They have the ability to handle environmental factors, obstacles, confined space and gunfire.  They are steady in and close proximity to stationary and moving traffic, aircrafts, boats etc.

We use Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, German Shepherds and sometimes Mix Breeds.

All our dogs are medically screened and healthy.

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Diabetic Alert Dogs and Medical Detection Dogs

  • Programs for Diabetic Alert Dogs 
  • Programs for Cancer Detection Dogs
  • Courses & Workshops
  • One on One Training
  • Online Programs