Train By YourSelf Program

Welcome to our Online Programs for Detection Dog Training!  

We offer a range of Programs designed to help you train your detection dog to detect a wide range of scents of your choice.  Our Programs are designed to provide you with the flexibility to train at your own pace, while still receiving the Expert Guidance you need to Achieve your Training Goals.


Each of our Programs is focused on a specific area of Detection Dog Training, allowing you to Choose the Program that best Meets your Needs and Goals.  Our Programs include pre-recorded Training Materials, Exercises, and Drills to Help you and your dog Develop the Skills you Need to Succeed.


I addition to our pre-recorded training materials, you can also sign up for our Online Coaching Sessions with Monique De Roeck.  During these sessions, you'll receive Personalized Feedback and Guidance on your Training Techniques, Helping you Improve and Refine your Skills.  You also get the Opportunity to Submit a Training Video for Review . For more Information about our Online Coaching Program CLICK here.

Odor Recognition

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